Graduation 2012

Newly-minted Ph.D.s

The Social and Cultural Geography research group are delighted to congratulate its latest batch of newly-minted Ph.D.s, who graduated last week. They include:

Anyaa Anim-Addo (in absentia), for her thesis “Place and mobilites in the maritime world : the Royal Steam Packet Company in the Caribbean, c. 1838 to 1914”.

Graça Brightwell (pictured third from right), for her thesis “A taste of home: food, identity, and belonging among Brazilians in London”.

Bradley L. Garret (pictured fourth from left), for his thesis “Place Hacking: tales of urban exploration”.

Louise Henderson (pictured second from right), for her thesis “Geography, travel, and publishing in mid-Victorian Britain”.

Ashley Nye (not pictured), for his thesis “Designing and experiencing sensory urban environments: an intensive case study of Grand Union Village in West London”.

Kimberley Peters (pictured far right), for her thesis “Floating places: assembling the marginal geographies of Radio Caroline’s ships”.

Daniel Whittall (in absentia), for his thesis “Creolising London: Black West Indian activism and the politics of race and empire, 1931–1948”.

Photograph courtesy of Felix Driver.



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