Former Royal Holloway Ph.D. student Hilary Geoghegan (now ESRC Future Research Leader) reflects on her time at Landscape Surgery.

The Culture of Enthusiasm

In October 2003 – I attended my very first Landscape Surgery – as a PhD student and member of Royal Holloway’s Social and Cultural Geography Group. It was in this fortnightly meeting of the SCG that staff and students shared experiences, interests and research in the areas of cultural, historical and social geography. Landscape Surgery would start just after 2pm in RHUL’s buildings in London, either Bedford Square or Gower Street. The session would commence with a ‘newsround’ – an opportunity for each member (seated around a very long table) to update the rest of us on what they’d been doing in the last few weeks – attending conferences,  attempting to write, or out in the field. Some people have suggested this must have been intimidating, we aren’t all productive all of the time, but for me it was one of my favourite bits of Landscape Surgery. Sharing the excitement…

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  1. DrHG says:

    The response to this post on Twitter and the comments section on my blog has been particularly interesting. It turns out Landscape Surgery is a very unique and highly successful model. Keep up the good work! Hilary

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