Science Museum’s Research & Public History Department

Hilary Geoghegan

Former Landscape Surgeon, Hilary Geoghegan, at launch of the Science Museum’s Research and Public History department.

Tonight I attended the launch of the Science Museum’s new Research and Public History department. Although there is a long history of research at the museum—much of which has involved geographers from Royal Holloway—the new department marks a clear future commitment to research and collaboration. To quote from the department’s launch brochure:

research is at the heart of the Museum’s mission. Without it we would not understand the stories our collections tell, how our audiences engage, or how to slow the deterioration of our objects.

It was great to see a number of current and former Landscape Surgeons at the event, including Alison Hess, Hilary Geoghegan, and David Rooney (Liz Haines being at a conference in Sweden). Working in collaboration with the Science Museum, Landscape Surgeons have examined topics ranging from enthusiasm and broadcasting technology, to aerial survey and the geography of London’s traffic. We look forward to further exciting collaborations with the Museum in the future.



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