Landscape Surgery, 13 November 2012: Urban Subversions

Last month, Royal Holloway Lecturer Dr Oli Mould joined by Dr Maria Daskalaki, visiting from Kingston University, discussed ‘Urban Subversions’ at Landscape Surgery. Oli and Maria framed the discussion on their forthcoming paper ‘Beyond Urban Subcultures: Urban Subversions as Rhizomic Social Formations’. The paper discussed the fluidity, flux and connectedness of ‘urban social formations’ and the potential for collaborative practices and transformation in the city. The paper explored the possibilities of urban exploration, parkour, yarn bombing and urban pranks. Surgeons engaged with the arguments of the paper and this informed a wider discussion on ‘urban subversions’. Conversation and questions ranged from ‘how to study urban subversion’, the different ‘sensory experience’ that various forms of urban subversion provide and the ‘politics’ of doing urban subversion in relation to taking part (doing) and being in the audience (watching). Those in attendance later continued the discussion over habitual drinks at the College Arms, Store Street (which itself was subject to yarnbombing action in October as part of Bloomsbury Festival: see photo below)



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