Landscape Surgery 2013 programme: A sneak peak…

Coming to Landscape Surgery in 2013…

Comforting Geographies with Laura Price from Knitted Geographies and Danny McNally from Leeds Art Map,  Geographies of Disaster with Stephanie Morrice and Xuejuan Zhang, plus an important discussion of the centenary of Women being admitted to the Royal Geographical Society. This will be linked to another session that offers a wider exploration of bodies, space, matter and politics, with the fascinating title “Buns in the Oven, Bodies in Space: Women, Materials, Politics”, led by Mia Hunt of Keeping Shop, Shaping Place and Laura Price.

Jeff Garmany will join us in March to share his latest paper. Jeff, currently a lecturer at Kings’ Brazil Institute, is a Geography graduate of the University of Arizona, where he worked on governance and social order in Brazilian urban slums, more info can be found here.

Plus there will be more “helpful” sessions on conferences, networking and social media, days of culture and, of course the summer first year PhD symposium.

Watch this space…

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