Dialogues in Human Geography

Dialogues in Human Geography

Landscape Surgeons Harriet Hawkins and Innes M. Keighren have separately published forums in the current issue of Dialogues in Human Geography, the sister publication to Progress in Human Geography. Dialogues, as its name suggests, provides a forum for disciplinary debate and seeks (to quote from its website) to “stimulate open and critical debate on the philosophical, methodological and pedagogic foundations of geographic thought and praxis”.

Harriet, together with Deborah Dixon and Elizabeth Straughan, leads a forum on the aesthetics of post-human worlds, with responses from Nigel Clark, Arun Saldanha, Lesley Instone, Jamie Lorimer, and Ionat Zurr.

Innes, together with Christian Abrahamsson and Veronica della Dora, leads a forum on canonicity in geography, with responses from Robert J. Mayhew, Charles W. J. Withers, John Agnew, Avril Maddrell, Janice Monk, Phil Hubbard, Richard H. Schein, and Richard C. Powell.

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