Helpful Session: Career Development

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To kick off the term we held, on 22 January, a “helpful” session around career development, breaking into small groups we covered a range of different topics from conferences and networking (What to go to? How many? Do you have to present? How do you organise a session?) to publications (When? How many? How to get started?) as well as what to do next…

We heard some great tips about contacting people at conferences in advance and asking if you can buy them coffee, about organising your own small events and invite your idols – then they will know who you are! – about starting publishing by writing book reviews and conference reports for blogs like this one (hint hint!) as well as for journals, writing with your friends, and always remembering the mantra *quality not quantity.*

Perhaps one piece of advice that the session itself best exemplified was that some of the most useful contacts we make at conferences are with our peers (thanks for reminding us of this Innes), not just because we can write with them, talk with them, and drink with them, but also because they are a source of wisdom on the sorts of questions we are worrying away at here.

Towards the end of the session we turned to the question of what next…

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 22.02.34

One option is a post-doc, and some of the possibilities for grant schemes that let you do your own research as a post-doc are detailed in the power-point attached below… also join ( thanks Oli) and crit-geog forum and generally keep your eyes peeled for great projects that are looking for post-doctoral researchers.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussions
PPT on post-docs

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