Amy Cutler (Ph.D. candidate) is co-curating a public event at Parasol Unit contemporary art gallery on forests, literature, and historical geography.

Write off the map

intercapillary forests poster


I am very excited to be co-curating, with Edmund Hardy, the next event in the Intercapillary Places modern poetry series at the Parasol Unit.



‘Sometimes I think we all need a little / forest glossary’, Jeff Hilson writes on the first page of In the Assarts (2010). This evening will focus on the ‘glossing’ of forest space in new poetry, pairing a reading by poet and academic Hilson (University of Roehampton) with a talk by geographer John Langton (University of Oxford).

Hilson’s playful poems riff on medieval histories and forest law, creating a modern ‘lingo’ of the forest as well as revisiting previous literary excursions, from Thomas Wyatt to the Sheriff of Nottingham. Langton will speak on the realm of the forest in thought and culture from early-modern times, drawing from his multi-disciplinary survey, Forests and Chases of England and Wales c…

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