First year PhD presentations 2013….


Landscape Surgery First year presentations

Tuesday 7th May

11am Start:

11.00-11.15: Quick news round up and announcements

11. 15- 11.45:  Farah Che Ishak: “Dinescapes: Ethnic restaurants and consumer culture in Malaysia”

11.45- 12.15 : Chen Liu (Canny): “Food, Home, and Family-making in Contemporary Guangzhou”

12.15- 12.45: Katie Boxall: “Cultural Geographies of Dyslexic Creative Writing Practice”

12.45- 1.45: Lunch (provided)

1.45-2.15:  Miranda Ward: “Writing (Augmented) Place”

2.15- 2.45: Clare Brooker: “Art and Airports; Departures and Arrivals live feed.”

2.45- 3.00 pm- Break

3.00-3.30:  Mike Thomason: ‪”Curating Site and Situating Curating: Art in the Airport”‬

3.30- 4pm :  Jareh Das: “Neuroaesthetics and the Exploration of Live Art”

4pm Pub


5.15: LGHG, Torrington Room 104, Senate House

Communities of resistance: towards a geography of dissent in First World War Britain Cyril Pearce (University of Leeds)


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