Excavations & Estuaries

Announcing an exhibition and academic series on art and the nature of landscape on the North East coast, involving a public talk by Landscape Surgeon Amy Cutler.

Write off the map

On Saturday the 25th May I’ll be talking about coastal literature at a public seminar at Abbey Walk Gallery, on the North East coast, for the exhibition Excavations and Estuaries: the Nature of Landscape (24th April – 1st June). The full information on the exhibition is in the Excavations & Estuaries Press Release (click to download), and the programme for the day seminar follows below. It brings together artists and academics including, alongside myself, Harriet Tarlo, Judith Tucker, David Ainley, David Walker Barker, Joy Sleeman, Jeremy Leigh, and curator Linda Ingham. (There is a curator Q&A on the exhibition’s themes here.)

e&e seminar

David Ainley


The conventions of landscape painting conceal as much as they reveal about our environment.  The manner and significance of this occlusion, and the remedy that lies at the heart of David Ainley’s critical engagement with painting, will be explored with…

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