RHUL at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference

Lowther Lodge. © Victoria and Albert Museum

With the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference less than two weeks away, here is a run-down of papers being delivered by Royal Holloway geographers. For sake of brevity, the list does not include details of sessions which Royal Holloway geographers are chairing, convening, or acting as discussant (please see the full programme for details of those sessions).

Wednesday, 28 August

Session 1, RGS-IBG Lowther Room: Caroline Cornish, “Curating science in an age of empire: the Museum of Economic Botany at Kew”

Session 1, Electrical Engineering Building, Room 408: Xuejuan Zhang, “Heritage, Identity, Sense of Place and Dark Tourism in Sichuan Province after the 12th May 2008 Earthquake in China”

Session 2, Sherfield Building, Read Lecture Theatre: Katherine BrickellVandana Desai, and Katie Willis, “Intimacy and the city: Spaces and practices of consumption in Mumbai, Phnom Penh and Taipei”

Session 2, RGS-IBG Lowther Room: Louise Henderson, “Text, travel and translation: exploring the international circulation of David Livingstone’s Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa”

Session 3, Electrical Engineering Building, Room 403a: Katherine Brickell, “Towards Geographies of Peace? Researching Lay and Institutional Perspectives on Legal Reform and Domestic Violence in Cambodia”

Session 3, Electrical Engineering Building, Room 403a: Mary Cobbett, “Researching Kenyan Girls’ Perceptions of Gendered Violence”

Session 3, RGS-IBG Lowther Room: Felix Driver, “Keynote Paper – Geography, Museums & Collections: New Frontiers?”

Session 3, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Room 119: Weiqiang Lin, “Assembling a Great Way to Fly: Performances of Comfort and Affective Care in the Air”

Session 3, Skempton Building, Room 163: Tianfeng Liu, “‘Carps jumping over the dragon gate’? – Chinese migrant negotiation of British /Chinese immigration policy”

Session 3, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Room 119: Danny McNally, “Comforting Others: sociality and the ethical aesthetics of being-together”

Session 3, Skempton Building, Lecture Theatre 207: James Thurgill, “The unpopular geographies of the Occult”

Session 4, Skempton Building, Room 060a: Anyaa Anim-Addo, “Steam, sail and small island rhythms”

Session 4, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Room 119: Laura Price, “Knitted spaces and the making of comforting geographies”

Thursday, 29 August

Session 1, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Room 122: Bakia Mbianyor, “Resource Geopolitics of Mining and its implications for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in the East Region of Cameroon”

Session 1, Electrical Engineering Building, Room 508: Sammia Poveda, “Training to fit a job vs training to enhance freedom: Computer skills, social activism in the youth”

Session 1, Skempton Building, Room 301: Helen Scalway, “Visualising Immunitary Geographies: Defensive structures, topological spaces and knotted relations”

Session 1, Sherfield Building, Pippard Lecture Theatre: David Simon, “Spaces, places and flows: Contemporary urbanization as a multiscalar process”

Session 2, Electrical Engineering Building, Room 408: Peter Adey, “Air’s Entanglements”

Session 2, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Room 122: Miranda Ward, “Writing Augmented Place”

Session 3, Electrical Engineering Building, Room 408: Klaus Dodds, “Stretching Across the Bering Strait: US-Soviet science, geopolitics and the Arctic (c. 1967-1973)”

Session 3, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Room 122: Felix Driver, “George Cons, Progressive Education and Geographical Film: A Lost History”

Session 3, RGS-IBG Sunley Room: Dorothea Kleine and Graça Brightwell, “Leveraging Buying Power: middle class views on ethical consumption and sustainable procurement in Chile and Brazil”

Session 3, Skempton Building, Room 163: Laura Prazeres, “Students on the move: geographies of international student mobility”

Session 4, Electrical Engineering Building, Room 408: Duncan Depledge, “Into the Arctic: the northward course of global capitalism”

Friday, 30 August

Session 1, Skempton Building, Lecture Theatre 207: Harriet Hawkins, “Indecorous Abstractions”

Session 1, RGS-IBG Ondaatje Theatre: Innes M. Keighren, “Circling the Society: Women’s Geographical Frontiers in Edwardian London”

Session 1, Skempton Building, Room 301: Shaun Smith, “A privy without a door: The socio-politics of toilets in the slums of Kitale and Kisumu, Kenya”

Session 2, Skempton Building, Lecture Theatre 164: Peter Adey, “Ambiance and Atmospheres”

Session 2, Sherfield Building, Room 7: Lisa Ingwall, “The benefits of using a qualitative approach for the valuation of ecosystem services”

Session 2, Skempton Building, Lecture Theatre 164: Anja Kanngieser, “The sounds of our listening: ambiances of voices and commons”

Session 2, Sherfield Building, Room 7: Céline TschirhartJay Mistry, et al., “Defining indicators with local communities: visual methods as a way of bridging the quantitative/qualitative frontier for addressing the emerging social-ecological crisis”

Session 4, Skempton Building, Lecture Theatre 164: Rupert Griffiths, “Reimagining the Margins – Creative Practice and the Infrastructural Landscapes of the Lower Lea Valley”

Session 4, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Room 122: Stephanie Morrice, “Returning ‘home’?: The emotional geographies of the disaster displaced in Brisbane and Christchurch”

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