Introducing Self Portraits Of A Surgeon

ImageThe Self Portrait series is a project designed to highlight the missing ‘I’ within geography. In the coming weeks a series of written pieces will be presented by landscape surgeons in order to make public, thoughts about academic life that all too often remain private. The intention of the series is not to be navel gazing nor self indulgent, but rather aims to provide a window into the various ways in which early career researchers think geography.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Self Portraits Of A Surgeon

  1. simoniancook says:

    Reblogged this on Jographies and commented:

    Mike Duggan has just announced the highly interesting series of blog posts he is curating over at landscape surgery. I am thrilled that I was one of the ‘surgeons’ ask to contribute to this series that explores our ideas and thoughts about what it is we do as geographers / cultural geographers and why it is important. I’ll hopefully be putting digital pen to paper soon. The first self-portrait is already up and more expected over the coming weeks – certainly worth a subscription!

  2. […] blog, I wrote a post about what being a cultural geographer means to me. This is part of great a series of posts by fellow students and researchers in the department of geography at Royal Holloway – […]

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