Landscape Surgery Spring 2014


Happy New Year Surgeons

I hope everyone has had a relaxing and productive start to 2014. 

We are finalising the programme for this coming semesters Landscape Surgeries as I write, while we wait I thought i would just give you a sense of what is coming up and also let people have dates for diaries. 

We start back on the 21st January, with a welcome back session and some crowd sourced top-tips!  I will be in touch with what prep this entails. Moving into February we will have a seminar on the 4th from Prof. Mona Domosh who is visiting RHUL from Dartmouth in the US.  Mona is also doing the Gordon Manley Lecture the week later on 13th Feb.  Mona will also be part of other events in February to make the most of her visit. 

On the 18th of Feb Mia and Phil have organised an extended session on place, materiality and photography with special guests from Goldsmiths.  Please note the extended time, 1-4.30 pm.  

Jo and Leonhardt take the lead on the 4th March with a session on doing research in the German context, and we close out the term  on the 18th March with a session led by Laura  ( of wonderful christmas cookie making fame!) and Clarisse on International academic exchanges. 

Looking forward to the post-easter period,  we will resume sessions on the 6th May, and reserve the session on the 13th May ( yes only a week later i know) for the PhD first year presentations. Get ready first years… 

I will post the full programme in the next few days




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