21st Jan: The helpful session…ask the audience

This Tuesday sees the first Landscape Surgery of  2014.
Alongside the general introduction and news-round — we are running a ‘helpful session’  but with a twist.
We are going to ‘crowd source’ both the topics people want advice on,  but also top-tips from you all. 
We are looking for people to share the top-tip ( or maybe tips)  with the group.
It could be that you just want to share personal experience, or maybe that you have found some great readings, blogs or other resources that you think others would benefit from. 
Some topics to get you started: 
Reading/ engaging with literatures
Fieldwork and access
The writing up process
Convening sessions 
The publishing process
Public engagement
Managing your supervisor
Don’t feel restricted to these, if there are things you think are important for us to add either email them to me (harriet.hawkins@rhul.ac.uk), or tweet them with the hashtag #landscapesurgery and we can address them in the session. 
 I will also be starting to tweet some of my favourite resources so please do join in. 
I will be collecting all the resources people share in a later blog post . 



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