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RHUL Geography does the AAG: LA 9-13th April 2013

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A number of us are LA bound this easter for the Association of American Geographers Annual Conference. The full programme can be found here but for a summary of the 26 different sessions RHUL Geographers are involved in please see the list below, it makes for interesting reading and showcases the diversity of great work going on across the Department.
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P.S. If I have left your session out, apologies, please email me and I will edit it in.

Pete Adey,
Session: Aviation Geography, discussant, Sat 13/4, 2-3.40
Session: On Peter Sloterdijk: Geography, Spheres and Beyond, panelist, Wed, 10/4 8-9.40

Gracia Brightwell,
Session: Unpacking “ethical” markets III: What makes an ethical Market, presenter Sat, 4/13 2-3.40
Paper title: Ethical Consumers in the Global South: The Case of Chile and Brazil

Tim Cresswell,
Session: Cultural Geographies Annual Lecture, organiser, Fri, 12/4 12.40-2.20

Rupert Griffiths,
Session: Contest/ed Scenes and Spaces: Exposing Cultural Infrastructures 2, presenter, sat 4/13, 2.00-3.40.
Paper: Reimagining the Margins- the work of photographer Stephen Gill

Harriet Hawkins
Session: The Arts of Transformation: Shaping Subjects, Making Places, organiser, Fri, 12/4 8-9.40
Session: Curating the Cosmos, presenter, thur, 11/4, 8-9.40
Paper: Curating Earth-Encounters

Anja Kanngieser,
Session: The Subconference, panelist, tuesday, 9/4, 12.40- 2.20,
Session: Geographies of Hope Symposium 4: Hopeful Political Economies II, presenter, wed, 10/4 4.40-6.20
Paper: Creating radical political economies through communicating differently

Dorothea J Kleine,
Session: Geographies of Media XI: Media Technologies, presenter, Sat, 13/4/13, 2-3.40
Paper: Technologies, capabilities, and collective choice – Exploring sustainable state e-procurement

Weiqiang Lin,
Session: Asia On the Move 1: Migration, Strategies and Regulatory Regimes, organiser, wed, 10/4 8-9.40
Session: Asia On the Move 2: Transportation, Cultural Change and Diffusions, organiser, wed, 10/4 10-11.40
Session: Mobilities, Frictions and Reterritorialisations, organiser, tuesday, 9/4, 12.40- 2.20

Danny McNally
Session: Geographies of Encounter 2: Youth Trajectories, Communities and Artistic Practices, presenter, thursday 11/4 10-11.40
Paper: Encountering Relational Art

Oli Mould,
Session: Researching the Creative Economy: Emerging Questions and Approaches, panelist, wed, 10/4, 12.40-2.20
Session: Global City Challenges: Debating a Concept, Improving the Practice, discussant, Thu, 11/4, 4.40- 6.20,
Session: Contest/ed Scenes and Spaces: Exposing Cultural Infrastructures 3: presenter, sat, 13/4, 4-5pm,
Paper: Urban Subversions within beta-cultural spaces?

Rory Rowan,
Session, Re-evaluting the Anthropocene: Resituating “Anthropos”, discussant, fri, 12/4 12.40-2.20
Session: Violence and Space V: Urbanities and Geopolitics, presenter, thu, 11/4, 12.40-2.20
Paper: Carl Schmitt’s Planetary Space: Spaceless Violence and Eschatological Geopolitics

David Simon,
Session: Development Geography: Can critical perspectives exist in policy and implementation 1? Organiser, wed, 10/4, 8-9.40
Session: Development Geography: Can critical perspectives exist in policy and implementation 2? organiser, wed, 10/4 10.00-11.40
Session: Learning from Cities: Urban adaption responses to climate change and ways forward, panelist, fri, 12/4, 4.40- 6.20
Session: Antecedent and Aftermouth of Genocide: Tales of Human Calamity and Survival, organiser, presenter, fri, 4/12, 8-9.40.
Paper: “Healing the World:” From the Holocaust to Development

Shaun Smith
Session: Urban Policy and Planning – Sat, 4/13, from 4:00 PM – 5:40 PM
Paper: Ideologies and power in the course of evictions

Priya Vadi,
Session: Edible Spaces: Culinary Geography in the Built Environment, presenter, Sat 13/4, 8.00-9.40
Paper: Eating Identities: Diasporic Iranian Identity Practices in Restaurants and Food Shops in London and Vancouver

Cristiana Zara,
Session: Tourist Geography I, presenter, wed, 10/4, 8-9.40
Paper: Reframing Landscape: Hindu Practices of Vision and the Construction of a “spiritual’ tourist gaze

Xuejuan Zhang
Session: Memory and City, presenter, Sat, 13/4, 4-5pm,
Paper: Dimensions of Tragic Heritage Narration: Heritage, Identity and Sense of Place in Sichuan Province after the 12th May 2008 Earthquake in China