LANDSCAPE SURGERY meets on Tues. 2:00 – 4:00pm, BSQ room 1-03

Please note that due to space constraints, participation is for SCHG members and invited guests only

TERM 1 – AUTUMN 2017

10th October:    Catch-up session
24th October:    Caves and Analogic Spaces: Flora Parrot, Rachel Squire and Peter Adey
7th November:  Contemporary debates in human geography
21st November:  Author-meets-critics without the author
5th December:   Spiritual Flavours: Screening of Laura Cuch’s documentary


TERM 2 – SPRING 2018

16 Jan   Roundtable: the materialities of geographical representation, with Emily Hayes (Oxford Brookes), Luciana Martins (Birkbeck), and Tania Rossetto (Padua)

30 Jan   A Walkshop with Hattie Coppard, Jonahtan Moses and Cecilia Sachs-Olsen

6 Feb     Life & Labor workshop I, with Nina Williams, Adam Badger and Katie Lawn (1-5pm)

13 Feb  Minor Theory masterclass with Thomas Jellis (Oxford) and Joe Gerlach (Bristol)

27 Feb  Matterlurgy – workshop with artistic collaboration of Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright

6   Mar CGH workshop: ‘Acoustic Politics’, with Jonathan Moses and Natalie Hyacinth

13 Mar  AAG dry run


TERM 3 – SUMMER 2018

1 May   Aeographies: A panel with Pete Adey, Sasha Engelmann, Gwilym Eade and Anna Jackman

8 May   Life & labor workshop II, with Nina Williams, Adam Badger and Katie Lawn (1-5pm)

15 May Technological aesthetics master class with Olga Goriunova (RHUL, Media Arts)

22 May Year 1 presentations

29 May Year 1 presentations

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