LANDSCAPE SURGERY meets on Tues. 2:00 – 4:00pm, BSQ room 1-03

Please note that due to space constraints, participation is for SCHG members and invited guests only

TERM 1 – AUTUMN 2018

2 Oct – Catch-Up Session

16 Oct – Racisms in Higher Education: a panel + discussion curated by Saskia Papadakis with Chantelle Lewis (Goldsmiths), Tissot Regis (Goldsmiths), Dominik Jackson-Cole (UEL)

30 Oct – Literary Geographies: a panel + discussion with visiting scholars Lucrezia Lopez (University of Santiago de Compostela), Giada Peterle (University of Padua), and Nattie Golubov (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

13 Nov – Safe Space: a discussion with Riina Lundman (University of Turku, Finland) + Geopolitics, Development, Security and Justice research group participants

27 Nov – Curating the Oslo Architecture Triennial: presentation and discussion with Cecilie Sachs-Olsen and Matthew Dalziel


TERM 2 – SPRING 2019

22 Jan – Investigating explorers’ bodies: physiology, memory, and the history of exploration: A Discussion curated by Ed Armston-Sheret (RHUL) with Vanessa Heggie (Birmingham) and Rosanna White (RHUL)

5 Feb – Photography and Urban Change: A Discussion curated by Katherine Stansfeld (RHUL) with Geoff DeVerteuil (Cardiff), Gill Golding (Goldsmiths) and Oli Mould (RHUL)

19 Feb – Minor Theory: a workshop with Thomas Jellis (Oxford) and Joe Gerlach (Bristol)

5 Mar – The Digital Libidinal City: with Alfie Bown (Media Arts, RHUL)

19 Mar – AAG Dry Run*

*For this session we will be in BSQ 0-03



TERM 3 – SUMMER 2019

30 Apr – GeoHumanities Creative Commissions 2018: Presentations from artist-researchers Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright (Matterlurgy); Jol Thomson and Julian Weaver; others TBC

14 May – POSTPONED: Post-PhD Book Writing: Useful Session with SCHG Staff Members*

*Postponed to next academic year due to ongoing boycott of Senate House.

28 May – Year 1 Presentations


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