Surgeons’ Coffee Break

Surgeons' Coffee Break

Surgeons’ Coffee Break is the Landscape Surgery podcast. It reflects, in its content, the range of research interests among staff and postgraduate researchers in the Social, Cultural and Historical Geography research group of the Department of Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. It is intended to offer an insight into current work and debates in social, cultural, and historical geography. The links below will take you to SoundCloud where you can stream or download the podcast (the most recent first):

Episode 8: Passenger Films: Being Human – a panel discussion of Ex Machina (published November 2016)

This is a recording from March 2016 Passenger Films event, the discussion of the 2015 film Ex Machina. It features two of our PhD students, Mike Duggan and Pip Thornton, as well as John Danaher, Lee Mackinnon and Oli Mould. The audio is kindly hosted by John Danaher’s ‘Algocracy and the Transhumanist’ project website.

Episode 7: Passenger Films on Campus: The Suburban (published March 2016)

This is a recording of the discussion of the Passenger Films on campus event, entitled the Suburban, featuring a 1957 Redbook advert and Revolutionary Road. It features Professor David Gilbert and Dr Suzanne Reimer.

Episode 6: Material Geographies: The MA in Cultural Geography podcast (published 3rd June 2015)

This podcast comes about through the MA in Cultural Geography course. The students (their profiles can be seen here) take to the microphone and discuss one of their taught topics – in this case material geographies.

Episode 5: Geographies of Dancing Bodies (published 16th December 2014)

This episode focuses on Dancing Bodies, a session given by Sophie Narbed that showcased her PhD work. Sofie has spent 18 months in Quito researching dance and how it relates to the city, space and institutional forms. The podcast features contributions from Sofie, Phil Crang, Rachel Beckles Willson and Oli Mould.

Episode 4: Precarious Geographies (published 26th November 2014)

This podcast follows a session on Precarious Geographies, which centred around discussions on how precariousness can be thought of spatiality, and how place itself, when thought of relationally, is inherently precarious. It features contributions from Ella Harris, Mel Nowicki, Mara Ferreri and Oli Mould.

Episode 3: Unreal London (published 13th November 2014)

Following a slight hiatus, the coffee break is back for a new academic year. This episode follows a Landscape Surgery session on Unreal London which discussed why there is seemingly a London bias in geographical research, but also a celebration of the role that archives play in aiding that research. It contains contributions from Hannah Awcock and Bethan Bide (who presented the session), Professor David Gilbert and Oli Mould.

Episode 2: How to do things with words: Writing and Geography (published 24 October 2013)

This podcast followed up from a Landscape Surgery session on Writing and Geography, and contains contributions from Miranda Ward, Liz Haines, Katie Boxhall (who presented in the session), Harriet Hawkins and Oli Mould. A forthcoming special issue of the journal Cultural Geographies focuses on a similar topic, the Introduction of which was co-authored by Harriet Hawkins and Dydia DeLyser (subscription required).

Episode 1: Comforting Geographies (published 10 July 2013)

Following on from a Landscape Surgery session on “comforting geographies”, Ph.D. candidates Laura Price and Danny McNally introduce the topic in discussion with Phil Crang, Harriet Hawkins and Oli Mould. Details of the upcoming RGS-IBG sessions on can be found here (first session) and here (second session).

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